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Who We Are

One Of The Largest Auto Body Shops in the North East

Founded in 1955, we are Long Island’s largest collision repair facility with a reputation for repairing vehicles in the manner the original manufacturer recommends. This means we only use new OEM replacement parts, and we never deviate from the OEM procedures by cutting corners to save insurers money.  This also means we refuse to be bullied into repairing vehicles improperly because the insurance companies refuse to pay for proper repairs. We are a certified collision repair facility for most of the automotive manufacturers, and we follow their guidelines when performing auto body repairs.

Our reputation and work performance has put our name at the forefront with some of the most important vehicle manufacturers in the world.  Our old school work ethic and willingness to train, learn and adapt to new technologies has put us at the top of the list for most OEMs when they need a quality repair facility for their program.  Our dedication to being the best, along with our sophisticated and precise repair techniques, has elevated to the level of certification we have achieved, reserved for only a select few facilities in the country. 

Our Mantra

The Right Way Or The Highway. Quality and Safety is our main concern.

Body shops have  an option when fixing your car, they can do it the way the manufacturer recommends by utilizing factory parts, or they can cut corners, and use knockoff imitation aftermarket or junkyard parts. We believe that the original equipment manufacturer always knows best and we follow their guidelines for every single vehicle we repair. Our technicians are trained at the OEM training facilities within the USA for every manufacturer program we are affiliated with.

Our Promise

We will return your car as safe as the day it was built.

Your car is one of the most technologically advanced machines in existence.  Generally, comprised of over fifteen different kinds of steel, aluminum and or composites and dozens of electronic sensors and highly calibrated computer electronics, all of which require a thoroughly trained technician familiar with the OEM procedures and protocols to repair today’s highly advanced vehicles. Unfortunately, for smaller auto body repair shops, that level of training takes time and money that most auto body shops can not afford.

Mid Island Collision was founded with the mission of always being at the forefront of collision repair technology training and equipment.  We employ over 40 auto body repair technicians all of whom are trained at OEM training academies for each manufacturer. Very few collision repair facilities in the  country can make that claim.

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Why Does OEM Matter?

Your life is at stake with an inferior repair.

Consumers involved in a collision are often surprised to learn that there is no required licensing to repair a vehicle. Likewise, they are also surprised to find out that many  insurance companies often influence how a shop repairs a vehicle simply by refusing to pay for new OEM replacement parts and procedures.

The Original Equipment Manufacturer of your car develops specific guidelines outlining the way they want a professional repair facility to repair a vehicle. We believe that the engineers of your vehicle know best and we only follow their guidelines. We do this because your safety depends on it.

OEM Certified By Nearly All Manufacturers
We Only Use OEM Parts.
Over 40 OEM Trained Technicians

We Offer

Lifetime Warranty on all repairs.

All collision repair performed by Mid Island collision is warrantied for as long as you own your car.  Insurance companies will warranty the work, but not all repair shops warranty their repairs. Although we seldom experience warranty issues, should one occur while you own the vehicle, simply return the vehicle to us to correct the situation.

Collision Repair

Our staff of professionals know that being involved in a car accident is a difficult experience, and regardless of the severity or type of damage your vehicle has sustained, we will explain and help you navigate the process.  At Mid-island we make every effort to alleviate your stress, anxiety, and inconvenience every step of the way.  Our experienced staff of professionals will keep an open line of communication with you and guide you through the process until you are back in your vehicle.

Automotive Painting Service

The one question everybody wants to know after a collision repair is how will the paint look and will you be able to tell it was in an accident. Because we are certified by nearly every Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), our technicians are trained to replicate the factory paint job on your vehicle utilizing the paint recommended by the manufacturer. You can rest assured that your repair will be imperceptible. We have eleven state-of-the-art paint booths, and one extra-large downdraft booth for high roof Sprinter Vans to refinish everything from a small scratch, to a completed side, even a full refinish.

Frame Repair

Your vehicle’s frame is the structural foundation for your vehicle. In a collision, the frame can be damaged and must be repaired properly in order to maintain the original safety specifications of the vehicle. Sometimes the frame is integrated into the body of the vehicle as one piece. Many Original Equipment Manufacturers require a specific frame bench with dedicated fixture attachments tailored specifically for each vehicle. Not all body shops can afford to keep up with the equipment expenses for all these frame machines and jigs, and so they compromise therefore putting your safety at risk. This is not the case with Mid Island where we have fourteen Celette benches and all the required jigging for nearly every vehicle manufacturer.

Rental Cars On Site

We have our very own Hertz rental car facility on our property to get you into a rental car while your repairs are being made quickly and without hassle. Hertz takes pride in giving you unparalleled speed, ease of use, value, and efficiency. There’s no better way to get back on the road fast while your car is in our shop. If your policy includes rental car coverage we can get you in a car quickly without having to leave our facility.

Insurance Claims Handling

Our damage assessors are trained and focused solely on the best interests of you, our client.  Mid island is relentless when it comes to negotiating settlements with insurance companies and obtaining the optimum benefits of your policy on your behalf. We have never, nor will we ever, allow an insurer to dictate how we repair a vehicle and what components are utilized.  We have been performing repairs to vehicles and trained by the OEMs for a very long time and we know the only way to repair a vehicle correctly is by the book, and that book is the OEM repair manual.

Aluminum Intensive Repair

Aluminum construction is more prevalent now than ever before,  especially in high-end and European cars. Aluminum repair takes a very specialized level of training in order to perform the repair properly, and not everybody shop has the required training.  At Mid Island Collision, we are one of the few repair facilities certified by European OEMs to perform aluminum repairs. Mid island collision has invested in excess of $800,000 in aluminum-intensive repair equipment and specific training.

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