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A history of excellence
since 1955

Established in 1955 by Vincent Brett, Mid Island Collision Centers made a name for itself in the early years by leading the industry in auto body repair techniques, training, and an unrelenting investment in facilities and equipment. The shop currently occupies two buildings, two large storage lots, and a rental car facility all on one block. We can house over 100 cars under one roof, making us one of the largest auto body repair facilities on the East Coast.

When Robert Jesberger took the reins in 1987, Mid Island Collision Centers became a cornerstone of the community and Robert continues to lead the industry in all aspects of OEM correct automotive repairs . To date, Mid Island Collision Centers has expertly repaired over 100,000 cars since 1955.

We Only Perform OEM Correct Repairs

Quite frankly, most auto body repair shops are a total wreck. Owners struggle to get properly paid by the insurance companies and have less money to reinvest back into the business. Many shops are using outdated tools and equipment, and their technicians are using outdated repair methods. But you deserve better and so does your car. Your life depends on the ability of an auto body repair technician to do their job properly. At Mid Island Collision Centers, you will only find auto repairs done the way the auto manufacturers recommend–-with OEM-certified technicians using state-of-the-art equipment mandated by the OEMs.


Cars repaired since 1955


OEM Certifications


Cars repaired under one roof

Our Commitment

Mid Island Collision Centers thinks of the vehicle owner as its customer–not the insurance company. It is typical in the auto body repair industry for shops to cater to the insurance companies at the expense of the consumer. Our goal is to give you the safest, best repair possible. We will work hard to explain to your insurer the best methods to repair your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition in appearance and function. We are not on any insurance company referral or Direct Repair Program. Repair shops on insurance company programs are beholden to the insurance company. This compromises their ability to look out for your best interest. At Mid Island Collision Centers, your best interests and producing the absolute best repair for you is our number ONE priority.

Educate Yourself

What all car owners need to know about auto body repair.

Your Freedom of Choice

Remember this: you don’t drive an average car, so don’t be pressured by an insurance company to use an average Insurance Referral Shop (also known as a Direct Repair Partner or DRP) shop. You have the right by New York State Law to have your European luxury car repaired at a qualified repair facility.

DRP Repair Shops Serve the Insurance Companies, Not the Car Owner

Insurance companies that have entered into Direct Repair Agreements (DRP contracts) with body shops have agreed to send a high volume of repair work in exchange for a series of concessions on the part of the auto body repair shop.


Don’t Fall For the Tricks

You have the right to have your automobile repaired in the registered shop of your choice. Your insurance company cannot direct you otherwise.

You are not required to have your automobile repaired or appraised in a shop recommended by the insurance company.


Meet Our Team

Our team of professionals have experience in finance, economics, taxation, government regulation, marketing, sales and many other.


William Melanson

Chief Legal Officer

William has built a reputation as a legal industry innovator, both on the legal and business fronts alike.


Dreama Leos

Risk Manager

Dreama is a Risk manager who uses her knowledge and skills to help clients to overcome crisis.


Roberto Johnson

Legal Officer

When it comes to legal questions, we all call for Roberto. His experience and skills are valuable and helpful.

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