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With over 100 OEM trained technicians for nearly every single automobile manufacturer, you would be hard pressed to find a better equipped, better trained auto body repair facility than Mid Island Collision Centers in New York. We have such a strong reputation for factory correct repairs, that customers come to us from as far away as Connecticut and New Jersey to get their cars repaired. We absolutely refuse to cut corners in repairing cars. We only use OEM parts purchased from the dealership, and we go to extreme lengths to match the paint and repair processes recommended by the factory that built your car.

Harrison Vu - Auto Body Repair Service Manager
Adam Marta - Auto Body Repair Service Manager
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Auto Painting

With all auto body repair, comes auto painting. Some shops are good at it, some leave a lot to be desired. We strive to create an imperceptible repair once your car leaves our shop. We can match any paint color, even the texture of the paint as it left the factory. The two down draft spray booths we use to refinish vehicles and the factory approved paint system allows us to reproduce the original finish on your car. This process removes the dust particles from the air which cause imperfections in the paint surface. We spray the approved paint system for each manufacturer that we are certified for to ensure an undetectable repair

Aluminum Intensive Vehicle Repair.

The training and knowledge required to perform structural aluminum repairs is extremely critical in maintaining the safety and integrity of a vehicle. These types of repairs require not only highly skilled techniques, trained technicians, and certified ISO aluminum welders, but also the use of very specific tools and equipment. The metallurgical properties of aluminum become altered in a collision event and it is paramount to have a trained expert who is able to identify the significance of the sustained damage and know the requirements are for repairs from the OEM. For this reason, the European OEMs have restricted aluminum component repair only to repair facilities that have been through extensive training and testing for certification. Mid Island Collision Centers’ repair professionals have been well versed in aluminum for over 60 years and we have three aluminum repair-only clean rooms dedicated to ensuring proper repairs. Mid Island Collision Centers has invested in excess of a $800,000 in aluminum intensive repair equipment and specific training.

Frame Repair

Many manufacturers require a specific frame bench with dedicated fixture attachments tailored specifically for each vehicle. These dedicated systems ensure that each vehicle repaired at Mid Island Collision Centers is restored to the tolerances specified by the OEM, which means +/- 1mm to 3mm. This is why we have heavily invested in Cellete dedicated bench frame repair machines and Celette Naja electronic measuring systems– allowing us to repair, replace and in some cases where permitted by the OEM realign vehicle uni-bodies and frames, auto and truck frames back to their exact factory specifications. Where some Long Island auto body collision repair shops might have one or two frame machines, we have seven Celette bench frame machines, one XL Celette bench and three chief frame machines for non-European vehicles– allowing us to handle a much higher volume of cars. What this means to you as a consumer is that your car will not be delayed while waiting for time on the frame machines.

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The Gold Class® recognition is the highest role-relevant training achievement recognized by the collision repair industry. This individual training contributes to complete, safe, and quality repairs, and is for the ultimate benefit of the customer.

ASE exists to ultimately protect the automotive service customer. ASE certified staff means peace of mind for all parties.

Only select members of the Assured Performance Network have the right tools, training, and equipment to offer customers a Certified Repair and complete repair documentation.

The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) has provided repairers with an audible voice, a strong presence, and an extensive grassroots network of industry professionals who strive to better our trade. They provide a collective voice and strong representation on important issues that are critical to our industry’s livelihood.

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